Advent Of The Sun - Advent Of The Sun (EP) (2014)

Guinny says:
We'd like to take this opportunity to welcome Southern Canada to Corgi Metal Reviews!  How's it going, eh?

I'm pretty sure I figured out why they named the band "Advent Of The Sun" - they're so far north that the sun only rises like twice a year, so they celebrate its arrival.

The genius strikes again.  You're welcome.
Arthur says:
Guinny, South Dakota is NOT part of Canada.  And please - no more of your crazy conspiracy theories or strange made up "facts".

Advent Of The Sun is a great progressive metal band from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  They mix a lot of good influences from the progressive metal and melodic death genres into a solid sound - you can hear hints of Dream Theater, Mercenary,  and classic progressive rock in this release.  It all comes together in a nice tight progressive sound that you would normally expect from a 2nd or 3rd release, not from a debut EP.

Very creative, yet not overwhelmingly experimental.  I like it.

Guinny says:
Dude - they're in South Dakota - there's cow tipping, and there's coming up with interesting time signatures... eventually, you're going to run out of cows.

Anyway - I have this theory.  Canada and the United States, way back in the 1800s, argued about who got to keep was going to be stuck with the Dakotas.  Canada eventually won the argument due to their excessive politeness, and the United States caved and finally took them just to get Canada to stop being so nice.

Also, they realized that if Canada kept the Dakotas, it would look like Canada was having sex with the U.S.  You won't find that in any history books, though, kids.  You're welcome again.
Arthur says:
Thanks, spaz.

This a really good sounding disc. Of particular note for us are Tragedy, Haunted, and Suspend Your Disbelief, but the whole disc is great.

The use of harsh vocals is sparing and serves to accent the clean vocals - it doesn't overwhelm the songs or detract from the amazing quality of writing and playing.
We've had this disc for several months now, and it still gets several spins a week.
Guinny says:
Yeah.. we hardly ever take it oot of the CD player, eh?

Good night, Canada!

The Consensus:
Arthur and Guinny both enjoy solid progressive metal, which is a genre that can be very hit or miss.  The debut EP from Advent Of The Sun is a definite hit, and is easily accessible to a first time listener.

We envy the residents of Sioux Falls who get to experience their live performances, and hope that they'll be afforded the opportunity to tour one day soon.

Pick this one up.
Arthur and Guinny give Advent Of The Sun's self-titled EP 7 Derps out of 10.