A Sound Of Thunder - The Lesser Key Of Solomon (2014)

A Sound Of Thunder on Faceboo
Arthur says:

Hi there.  So, this week, Mom and Dad are gone at ProgPower USA, so we were left to our own devices.  I chose A Sound Of Thunder’s newest release, The Lesser Key Of Solomon, for us to review.


Unfortunately, Guinny chose not to actually listen to the album.  She did a quick Facebook scan for pictures, watched part of a music video, and then threw a house party for her miscreant friends.  That said, please disregard anything stupid from her mouth, which will probably be half of this review.

Guinny says:

Hey!  Shut your bonehole, you boring old man!  I did my homework!

So, that Nina, huh?  She’s so awesome!  I think it’s so cool that we’re almost the same height, and that she has the same taste in goggles as me.  Yeah!


Also, we’re both singers.  GIRL POWER! AMIRITE???

Arthur says:

You’re not a singer.  You growl and bark in your sleep and call it death metal.  She’s a very talented individual, as are the rest of A Sound Of Thunder.


This is the fourth release by the band, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint.  As with the previous releases, you’ll fail if you try to define a genre for them.  They’re female fronted heavy metal with a wide array of influences that shine through in their music.


Songs like Udoroth and Elijah just blow me away – Hooks?  Check.  Soaring vocals?  Check.  Amazing lyrical content?  Check.

Guinny says:
Awesome cartoons??  Check!
Arthur says:

You watched HALF of that video and got scared, so you went and hid under the bed.  Be quiet.


Josh is a great guitarist, and the fine fellows in the rhythm section keep everything solidly on pace.  Nina’s vocals are so varied from track to track that it’s almost hard to believe that it’s the same singer for the whole album.



This is some really good stuff.  I’ve been listening to this for days on end and it stays fresh and entertaining.


End to end, this is a great album.. very varied, entertaining, and extremely accessible.  You're going to like this one.  If you don't, then you're probably like Guinny and are easily distracted by shiny objects.

Guinny says:

Hey.. is that the parental units in the driveway?  Er.. problem.  I’m going to need you to take the blame for this mess, Arthur.


Nobody here but us sharks.  RAWR!

Mom, with shock:
What the hell happened to my house??? Why is my door broken?? GUINEVIERE ZABER!  Get down here right now!
Guinny says:

Run!  Udoroth escaped from the video and he’s on the rampage!!

You never saw me.  I was never here.  Rocketbutt OUT!

Arthur says:

So, while Guinny is dodging responsibility and Dad is unloading the car, let me just say that this album is amazing.  It’s powerful and driving at times, and thoughtful and deep in others. 

And at $4 for a Bandcamp download – how have you not downloaded it yet??


Arthur and Guinny give A Sound Of Thunder's The Lesser Key Of Solomon 8.23 Derps out of 10.
(And a stepstool.  Dogs can't climb ladders, so they figure we don't need it anymore.)