Judicator - Coping Mechanism (EP) (2014)

Arthur says:
Coping Mechanism is a song off of the upcoming full-length album by Judicator, At The Expense Of Humanity.  This song is pure greatness.  It makes me want to roll on my back and throw my paws in the air.  The smooth production values and great songwriting are made even greater by the talent of the musicians, and I personally can't wait---

Guinny says:
WOAH!  Really, Arthur?  Seriously?  I know that the human is in the tank for these guys and pimps them at every opportunity, but I never thought you would go totally Doge on them as well.  

I was waiting for you to go all "Such power.  Much metal!  Wow!", before I couldn't take any more.

Not on my watch, buddy.  Not on my watch. 
Arthur says:
Wait - you were enjoying this yourself earlier today when we were listening to it.  You're also a huge fan of their previous full length releases, King of Rome and Sleepy Plessow.

So, what's with the attitude now?  Did you accidentally eat your own poop this morning?
Guinny says:
It could have something to do with that restraining order that Tony C. slapped on me.  I swear - you send a few thousand emails and text messages and he gets all creeped out..

To be fair to the rest of the guys in Judicator, though - this is a good sounding EP, and the resulting album will be great if it has the same great sound.

The Consensus:
Arthur and Guinny love the Coping Mechanism EP - the new song and the new recordings of The Iron Duke and Tu N'es Pas Mort, Coquin? sound fresh and clean with the full band recordings.

We look forward to the release of At The Expense Of Humanity this fall.

Arthur and Guinny give Judicator's
Coping Mechanism 7.5 Derps out of 10.