The Corgis review.... ProgPower XV
Sept 10-13, 2014

Since the folks were going to this music festival, I hacked their iPhones so I could bring up FaceTime without their knowing, so Guinny and I could attend remotely and see what all of the fuss was about.  It was crazy.  You humans...


Also - please rescind the "No Dogs" rule at Center Stage.  We are service dogs - we help Mom and Dad eat pizza and rock.  Thanks.

WEDNESDAY (Midweek Mayhem)

So, Wednesday went great - up until showtime.  The parents are hanging out with friends and enjoying Vangough's set, when trouble strikes...  Guinny had a party, and one of the guests managed to lock all of the privacy locks on the doors.. so Aunt Reagan tries to come in to stay with us, can't get in.  So, Mom spends the next hour negotiating with security and maintenance from 1000 miles away (that's 7000 in dog miles), and misses most of the show. 


The story ends with the U.S. Army (or one maintenance guy - it was all a blur) breaking down the door. 

Anyway - Dad enjoyed seeing Theocracy, but after that, everyone called it a night before Pain of Salvation and went out for sub-par grilled cheese sandwiches.  It was a good show, from what I saw and heard, but Guinny messed it all up for everyone.  Vangough and Theocracy were great. 


Infinity Concerts put on a great night for everyone who didn't have emergencies!

Thursday (Kick Off Show)

So, Thursday - this one was markedly better - no hijinks from Guinny, so there was no interference.  Mom and Dad had VIP passes, so they got to hear the new Evergrey album at the listening session, and then have dinner with the bands.  The chicken looked tasty.

Draekon was pretty good, but I hadn't heard them before, so I didn't know their songs.  

DGM blew the doors off of Center Stage, playing most of Momentum and a few songs from their last album.  Also, Simone wore our hat during the last song of their set.  Hubba!

Pagan's Mind was amazing - they're a thinking dog's band, so I loved them.  Playing all of Celestial Entrance, followed by a set from other albums?  Classic.

Both DGM and Pagan's Mind both filmed DVDs - these are going to instant buys even if I have to go into someone's wallet and get their card out.


Big shout out to the Swordlord!

Hello, Italians!  That is all.


Also, I am going to Italy to stalk Simone and Marco.  Don't tell them, please.

Oh, yeah.. I'm going to need addresses.  And a disguise.. I'll dress up like a St. Bernard so I'll blend in.

Friday (Main Festival, Day 1)

So, Need kicks things off, and they were phenomenal.  Dad was yapping about them for weeks before the show, and I really liked their set.  So much energy and a great sound.  I hope they return in the future! 

Next up, Orden Ogan!  I love power metal, and these guys know power metal.  They totally kicked buttocks.  Also, it looked like they got dressed by rolling around in an auto junkyard, which I can relate to.  Our friend Carl Frederick sponsored them, and he was so happy to get to meet them and hang out.. very nice guys, and I would definitely go see them again.  My only regret was that their ballads don't translate well to the stage, so they don't get played.  Ah, well.  
Ok, so check this out.. Mom and Dad don't like Leprous, so they skip their set to head to Vespucci's.  They mis-time their return and catch the last 15 minutes of their set, only for Dad to get slightly ill and have to go back to the hotel for a few minutes and he leaves Mom to enjoy the rest of Leprous.  HAHAHAHAHA!  Poop jokes are classic.

OVERKILL!  Yeah!  We've seen them a bunch lately, but they kick ass every time.. man.. I would have been in that progressive mosh pit tearing it up!  But nooooo....

Seriously, though - they probably sounded the best that we've ever heard them at this show.  Blitz for president!  I want to watch someone do laundry on his abs.

Seventh Wonder - this set was great.  All of Mercy Falls?  Yes, and thank you.  Sound mix a bit off?  Happens.  They filmed a DVD, and its going to be awesome when it comes out.  The crowd sing-alongs gave me chills.  Guinny was playing Grand Theft Auto, because she's stupid. 


So, mom wasn't feeling 100% at this point, and Dad wanted her in great shape for Day 2, so they called it an early night and passed on Stratovarius.  I really wanted to see them, but they wouldn't leave their phones in their seats.  Whatever.  I heard they were really good, though.

Saturday (Main Festival, Day 2)

I love me some Norwegians! Nom nom nom!  Also, Withem was amazing sounding.  Dad was looking forward to them most of all (besides JOP), and he loved them.  It was kind of embarrassing when he went all fanboy on Ole later in the bar area.  I felt bad for Ole.


Divided Multitude had a minor issue - no drummer.  I feel customs issues.. I remember this one time when I was driving a load of treats across the Canadia--- you know, those records are sealed, and let's leave them closed.  Anyway - it was something stupid like a broken passport or something.  Despite that, they were good.  The drummers from Withem and Pagan's Mind filled in, as well as dreamy Michael Eriksen from Circus Maximus joining them for a cover of Deep Purple's Perfect Strangers!  More noms.  Great effort doing what they could with the situation.  A+ for effort, and it was an entertaining set.

Voodoo Circle was really good - as close to Whitesnake as you can get without booking Whitesnake.  David Reademan has a soulful hard rock voice, and Alex Beyrodt's playing was out of this world and and as far from his other projects as can get and still stay metal.  Mom loved them.


Masterplan  - yeah, dog!  Rick Altzi made me actually forget who Jorn Lande is.  Seriously.  He blew me away with the old Masterplan stuff as well as the tracks from the new album.  SOULBURRRRRRRNNN!!!!  They were all hanging out in the lobby for most of the rest of the festival, taking pictures and talking to all of the fans.  Super guys.

HANG ON! TIME OUT!  I'm not feeling this review - let's start over!

(What?  That's overdone already?  F'ing internet..)

Okay... so.. Pain of Salvation - normally, not a fan at all.  Dad made us listen to Remedy Lane like a zillion times last year, though, so it grew on us.  And so when the show finally starts, I have a great view of... two sorta lesbians awkwardly making out in front of Mom and Dad.  WTF???

Luckily, they moved on about halfway through, and I was able to concentrate on the beautiful hunk of beefcake that God named Ragnar.  Woo!   Is it hot in here, or is it just me?


Also, they nailed Remedy Lane perfectly.. it sounded amazing.  Especially Ragnar.

The man.. the myth.. the mountain (king).. Jon Oliva's Pain.  After waiting for a year (as he yelled to a closed curtain:  "I've been waiting a whole year for this, mother*ckers!"), JOP destroyed it.  Burn Center Stage down and build a new one before next year - this is Jon Oliva's house now.

A few Savatage classics, followed by all of Streets: A Rock Opera (albeit not all in regular order) - some of the songs had tears running for everyone, especially when Jon played to his departed brother Criss)...  closing with more classic tracks like Hall of the Mountain King and When The Crowds Are Gone (which was originally supposed to be the last song ever at ProgPower, but the quick sellout of XV revitalized Glenn and he decided not to retire the festival), and this show was one for the ages.
Thus ended ProgPower XV - 17 great bands, 4 days.  Greatest musical experience of our doggy lives, even if we were watching through a camera.  Next year will be awesome as well, with bands like Falconer, Hibria, Angra, Royal Hunt, Helker, and Dynazty!  Maybe next year, we'll be there ourselves..

Arthur and Guinny give ProgPower XV way too many derps and tailwags to count.  Infinity derps!