ShadowStrike - Infinite Power (EP) (2014)

Arthur says:
Okay, so.. does EP mean something different in German than it does in English?  When I think EP, I don't think almost 40 minutes of music.  Yes, it's only 5 songs, but these are quality songs, and that's almost 5 hours in dog time.

ShadowStrike take their cues from some of the greats of the epic power metal genre, and they do it well.  Epic songs, fantastic themes, and plenty of experimentation without going far enough to make it confusing and a mess, which happens far too often with epic power metal - one simply does not just try to copy Power Quest or Dragonforce.  ShadowStrike sounds fresh and these guys are talented - listening to some of those guitar solos make my paws cramp from air soloing along with them.

Guinny?  Do you have any thoughts on this disc?

Guinny says:
WTF??  When did Dragonforce move to Long Island and change all of the band members??

The songs have music and lots of words.  I am onboard with this.  The important part, though - that cover!  So much going on!  I mean, deer?  Snow?  A caped dude with a staff? Swans! And, as if that wasn't enough, not only is there a dragon hiding behind the mountain - there's also a huge Pac-Man taking a nap!

The only complaint I have is the guy with the staff - he's obviously cool and pretty extreme... I'll bet he tears it up with that staff.  However, I can't tell if he's unleashing the INFINITE POWER(tm) on giant sleeping Pac-Man, or if he's just waving at the dragon.  

For that, I must deduct .088 Derps from the final score.  Sorry, but that's what we call "integrity".

Arthur says:
I should have clarified - did you have any input that wouldn't make you sound like a complete and total moron?
Guinny says:
I do not.

(I like tea.)

The Consensus:
Arthur and Guinny both enjoy epic power metal, and ShadowStrike's Infinite Power is no exception.  They are a young band with skills beyond their years.

This is a very professional sounding disc, and these guys are talented.  They play some great power metal, and incorporate genres like chiptune as a complement to the songs, rather than the common error of having them overwhelm the songs with 8-bit sound effects.  Also, this is almost 40 minutes worth of music - no covers, just 5 original songs and no filler.

Don't miss this one.
Arthur and Guinny give ShadowStrike's
Infinite Power 7.912 Derps out of 10.