Skyliner - Outsiders (2014)

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Mom says:

Okay - fair warning - ANY swearing or unacceptable behavior and you're done for the day.


No jokes about Canada, no swearing in pig latin, no creeping, no stalking. 


And yes - I'm looking at you, Guinny.




The Human says:

Okay, so.. the kids have been enjoying their summer and have done a couple of video reviews, but they're bored with that for now.  They're excited about all of the great upcoming releases, especially the ones in the US power metal/heavy metal scenes from Judicator, A Sound Of Thunder, and Mindmaze, as well as some coverage of the upcoming ProgPower USA and DeLand Rock & Metal festivals.


To get them back in the swing, they've decided to revisit a classic from all the way back in the spring of 2014 - Skyliner's Outsiders.

Guinny says:
Great.  He’s going completely fanboy.  You’d probably hump Joakim’s camouflage-clad  leg if he were here right now, wouldn’t you, Arthur?

We both love Sabaton – one of us much more so.  This is in part because of our British heritage – the mighty nation that held the Nazi menace at bay during World War II until the Americans arrived to give an assist.   

Hey – ever notice that Sabaton doesn’t have any songs about all of those awesome French military victories?
OMG - that's what I'm talking about!
Sounds! Lots of sounds!  Awesome album cover!  CAPES!
And, lest I forget to mention it... beefcake!
I'll bet that Jake could bench 300 lbs.  Music and muscles.
Arthur says:

Yeah.  I can see we're picking up right where we left off with another emergency brake yanking.


Skyliner is a great new 3-piece progressive/power metal band from Florida, who released their debut full-length earlier this year.


They're a progressive/power metal band that has been around for quite some time and released a couple of EPs prior to this album.  They've got a great sound - raw and primal.  You can really feel the emotion poured into this album, which was a long time coming.

Guinny says:

You forgot the muscles.


The artwork is really cool, but it's so confusing.  Is that a blimp thing running into the dude on the tower?  Is it an alien bursting out of his chest?  Can the guy on the tower swim?  I'm concerned because there's a ton of water pouring in from all sides, 'cause that tower looks like its coming down.


Someone get that man a life preserver!


Also, OMG.. I love the way they did the entire thing in shades of gray.  It speaks to me.

Arthur says:

There are no words, Guinny.  None.


All of the songs are really good - I love "Aria of the Waters" in particular.  Very primal.  The drums call up the spirit of my inner wolf.


All of the songs on this disc are long.  Only the intro is less than 6:30, and the longest track, Worlds Of Conflict, tops out at 21 minutes.  Speaking of which, that song is good, but it's definitely not for everyone.  It's a thinking dog's song. Hence, I'm a fan. 


Guinny, not so much.  She's more into shiny objects.

Guinny says:

Get bent, Arthur.


Hey - they're from Florida. Do you think Jake likes sharks?





The consensus:

Arthur and Guinny love this album.  It's raw and powerful, yet polished and very professionally recorded.  Songs like Undying Wings, Forever Young, Symphony In Black, and The Human Residue are easy to get into on first listen, and the whole album will keep you coming back again and again.


We can't wait to hear Skyliner live at DeLand Rock & Metal Festival this November.

Arthur and Guinny give Skyliner's Outsiders 8.91 Derps out of 10.
(Plus 3 bacon flavored treats)